When ever I went to college i never thought that I would want to teach.  I thought that I would want a more hands on job, a job that I could see immediate results from my work, but it turns out that if you do your job in the correct way teaching can be that kind of job.  I want to teach because i care about the future of our nation and our world, not to say that I am going to teach anybody famous but everyone can make a difference in the lives of others and i plan to be one of the people that get to do so first hand.  I am a fun and energetic individual and everything that I loved in teachers while I was in school.

     My teacher that was in a leadership position was my High School Choir Director.  Mrs. White was full of spunk and always demanded respect.  No matter what type of obstacles that were put in her way she never let any of the bad things come in between the choirs time for learning and the issues that the school was throwing her way.  She would spend countless time and effort making our lives easier and finding new and fun ways to keep us engaged in what she was teaching us.  My favorite thing about her was her persistence in making sure we all knew our music and never giving up on us no matter what we did.



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