5 Great High School Web Pages


This website is a great website for a school choir.  This lets you know all of the things that the choir offers including their booster/fundraising and their private voice lessons.  The website is also laid out very neatly and is incredibly smooth to navigate.  This website also includes a calender for the parents to be able to access and also an online version of their handbook which is a great thing to have so that any dispute can be redirected to strait to the rule that was in question.


This website much like the first website is laid out in a very smooth manner.  This website includes some of the recordings of the choirs and towards the bottom they have posted tryout dates. This has a link to the actual audition music which is great that they aren’t wasting paper handing out hard copies to the students.


This website is a good site for the fact that you don’t have to navigate away from the main page to get a lot of information.  They have a counter to show how many days until their next concert and also have ways to get to their facebook, twitter, and soundcloud all on their main page, without it being to jumbled or busy.


 This is a really cool website because it encompasses most of the tools that all of these other websites do but they have embedded a lot of youtube videos onto their homepage so you don’t have to navigate away from the initial page in order to hear the recordings of the choir which i find a lot of fun.


This choir website is just an all around great website. This website is very balanced in that you can look to the side bar and find out pretty much anything you would every need to know about the choir, fundraising, handbook, parent letters, ect.  It also includes a few pictures of the choir which can be extremely encouraging to the children that are in the choir, because it gives them the recognition they deserve.




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