Jazz 101

jazz-101Jazz 101 by John F. Szwed

This book gives an introduction into the delightfully diverse world of jazz and how it has grown into the everyday music that we hold dear to our heart.  Jazz is a highly improvised art form which lends itself to the listener, this means that you may hear the same song played 5 times and it sound a different way every time.

It talks about the recordings that we have which were in the early days produced for phonograph and how the different technology has changed the face of this genre.

We can take the large genre of Jazz and split it into many sub-genres and different forms some having a big band and grand accompaniment to having 3 trumpets and a trap set.  Jazz 101 is a great introduction for people who want to have a better understanding of how Jazz works and how to fully appreciate it. From Bebop to Ragtime this book takes you straight through the world of Jazz even giving you hints on listening selections.

As the book progresses the chapters are split into different parts, following the timeline of how the music built upon itself and evolved as more artists sunk their teeth into the Jazz train.


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